True Lift

The True Lift, also known as the '5 Point Lift'

The 'True Lift' is a procedure that aims to re-tighten the ligaments of the face and create lift, but without adding unnecessary volume.

How does it work?

The True Lift uses a dermal filler technique, where filler is placed at the base of the 'true ligaments', resulting in a direct tightening of the ligaments and lifting of facial tissue:

+ The Brow
+ The Cheek and Nasolabial Area
+ The Upper Lip
+ The Pre-Jowl Area

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the True Lift?

There are four ligaments in our face that run from bone to skin, and they support the different compartments of our face. Over time they begin to sag, and this causes our face to look heavy and feel as if it is hanging.

The True Lift uses a dermal filler technique, where dermal filler is placed at the base of these ligaments, resulting in a direct tightening of the ligaments and lifting of facial tissue.


2ml of premium dermal filler is strategically placed under the four ligament locations to help lift and support them. The result is a natural lifted and refreshed appearance.

Who is the ideal candidate?

This treatment is ideal for patients that:

+ Concerned with overall facial sagging

+ Correcting a ‘heavy’ lower face, nasolabial folds & drooping eyelids

+ Desire a natural lifted result

What does it feel like?

Most patients will feel little to no discomfort, and the treatment takes roughly 30 -45 minutes. There is a slight sting when the needle touches the skin and then slight pressure on the area where the product is applied.


We offer both topical numbing cream and a local anaesthetic block to minimise discomfort.

Downtime and Post Treatment


The post-procedure experience is different for everyone, swelling and bruising is common for most when getting dermal fillers. Some individuals swell and bruise more than others. Lumps and bumps can also be common, these lumps will often soften out over time, so don’t be alarmed if you experience this. 


Allow up to 14 days post-treatment for your dermal filler treatment to settle.

We recommend a complimentary review appointment 2 weeks post-treatment. 



+ Exercise or excessive sweating (saunas, steam rooms etc.) for 24-48 hours.

+ Wearing make-up for 24hours.

+ Direct UV exposure.

+ Consuming alcohol in the first 24 hours (to avoid thinning the blood).

+ Do not use AHAs, BHAs, Retinol, or Vitamin C for 24 hours.

+ No facial treatments for 2 weeks post-treatment (for example facials, waxing, laser).


All products used at FAB Inc are TGA approved and our team is trained and experienced in their use.


Please note* the cost of medical aesthetic treatments are dependent on the individual, taking a number of factors into consideration. Below pricing is a guide only.


True Lift | 2ml of premium dermal fillers $1300

We recommend a complimentary consultation to get a quote.

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