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True Point Lift

Dermal Fillers Perth

A non-surgical facelift using
strategically placed filler to lift and support facial ligaments - giving you a natural looking lifted appearance.

The 5 Point Lift

What is the True Lift

The True Lift is a non-surgical procedure that focuses on re-tightening of the four true ligaments of the face. It uses a new dermal filler technique, where it is placed at the base of these ligaments, resulting in a direct tightening of the ligaments and lifting of facial tissue.

True Lift supports the structural ligaments in our face. There are four ligaments in our face that run from bone to skin, and they support the different compartments of our face. Over time they begin to sag, and this causes our face to look heavy and feel as if it is hanging.


How True Lift works

With True Lift, 2ml of dermal filler is placed under the four ligament locations to help lift and support them. The result is a natural looking lifted and refreshed appearance.

Who is the Ideal Candidate

This treatment is for anyone who feels like the lower part of their face looks or feels heavy. As we age the as skin begins to sag creating a heavier appearance and feel.

This treatment is for a patient who is looking for a more natural lift, as it is injected at the base of the ligaments instead of specified superficially placed areas.


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The Facts

Price: $1200

Length of Treatment: Allow up to 60 minutes

Downtime: Allow up to 7 days for bruising and swelling

  • No exercise for 24 hours post treatment
  • No excessive sweating (saunas / steam) for 24 hours post treatment
  • No make-up or skin care application for 4 hours post treatment

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