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About Us

A boutique cosmetic clinic
with a focus on high quality treatments & injectables, performed by medical experts

FAB Inc  is a cosmetic clinic that has evolved to provide intimate cosmetic services to clients that value time spent on being treated holistically when seeking cosmetic procedures.  A warm friendly team that makes time to get to know clients which I believe is paramount in delivering desired results with confidence.


We are an independent clinic not aligned with any particular service or supplier, which means we choose the most suitable product or service to deliver results giving clients  treatment and outcome satisfaction.  


A place that provides treatments in a relaxing space supported by caring experienced clinicians who are inspired by clients. 

Nada Gill


Nada is the founding director and principle practitioner at Face and Body Inc, with over 20 years’ experience in both the surgical and non-surgical aesthetic fields.

Nada’s focus is on cosmetic injectables and light therapy treatments. Nada considers her purpose “to provide clients with their best outcome through her extensive knowledge of treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical, ensuring each patient can make informed choices that meet their individual expectations and achieve the desired result.



Katie is our Registered Nurse at Face and Body Inc. She graduated in 2010 from Edith Cowan University with a bachelor of Science Nursing and completed her Vocational certificate in Cosmetic Nursing in 2014 from AACDS, upgrading it again in 2016 to a Graduate Diploma in Cosmetic Nursing.

She has been working as a Registered Nurse in the cosmetic, medical and general practice fields for 9 years. Over that time she has gained extensive knowledge in all aspects of cosmetic treatments including laser and light therapies, injectables and dermal therapies.

Katie has a strong passion for skin care and her client’s overall health. She will manage your cosmetic or skin concerns holistically to achieve your best results.



Doriana is our Client Coordinator and head of our administration team. With over 10 years experience in the cosmetic and beauty industry, she strives to achieve the highest level of customer service and ensures our clients have an effortless experience.

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