Get the airbrushed look with AquaGold Touch

Aqua Gold Touch is a device with 24-karat gold micro-needles that contain channels, which when gently stamped onto the skin, allow the customised solution to flow to the dermal layer for optimum results.

The Facts

Length of Treatment: 45 mins
Treatment Longevity: Average of 6 weeks
Price: From $599

Before & Afters

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the AquaGold Touch?

The treatment delivers with wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers and personalised Mesoesthetic mesotherapy solutions which aim to improve the quality of the skin, encourage cellular regeneration and provide an immediate tightening and luminous effect.

+ Wrinkle relaxers
+ Dermal fillers
+ Personalised mesotherapy solutions

What areas can this treatment be used on?

+ Full face
+ Neck
+ Décolletage
+ Hands

What concerns can it treat?

The results of the AquaGold Touch treatment include:


+ Improves skin tone and texture
+ Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
+ Skin tightening
+ Minimising pores
+ Reduces facial redness
+ Acne scarring
+ Gives the airbrush look to the skin


Things to avoid post AquaGold Touch treatment:


+ Exercise or excessive sweating (saunas, steam rooms etc) for 24-48 hours
+ Wearing make-up for 24hours
+ Direct UV exposure


+ The Complete AquaGold Touch 

Containing; wrinkle relaxers, dermal filler and personalised mesotherapy solutions | $650

+ The Anti-wrinkle AquaGold Touch

Containing; wrinkle relaxers and personalised mesotherapy solutions | $599

+ The Dermal Filler AquaGold Touch

Containing hydrating dermal fillers and personalised mesotherapy solutions | $599

+ The Complete AquaGold Package

Package of 3 Complete Aquagold Touch | $1800 (Save $150)

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