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Anti-Ageing Plan

Our most popular options for anti-ageing

Creating an Anti-ageing plan
one of the most requested services here at FAB.

Naturally to many, the thought of ageing is a scary concept, creating an anti-ageing plan can be a great way of ensuring preservation of your skin and facial structure.

There are a number of treatment options that can be integrated in your anti – ageing plan including bespoke treatments such as injectables, dermal therapies, laser & light and advanced skin care solutions. Each anti-ageing plan is tailored to the individual taking in a number of factors which determine the outcome. This is done through a thorough consultation with one of our registered cosmetic nurses.


What happens to our skin when we age?

The natural ageing processes, health and sun damage causes volume loss of facial muscle, fat and tissue and the sagging & wrinkling of your overlying skin

As your skin becomes lax and sags, lines and wrinkles form or deepen, and bone atrophy also creates a more ‘downward’ look to the entire face creating shadowing and an overall tired looking appearance.


What are some of the most popular options for anti-ageing?

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