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Tear Trough Filler Perth

Correct hollowness and help minimise dark circles under the eyes

Dermal fillers are used in the tear trough, under eye area and orbital region to correct hollowness, dark circles and give an overall rejuvenated appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is dermal filler used in tear trough?

Dermal fillers are used in the tear trough or orbital area to correct hollowness, dark circles and give an overall rejuvenated appearance to the eyes.  

As we age, the fat pads under the skin begin to flatten and create volume loss, this can often result in hollowness under the eyes and dark circles. The under eye filler is injected into the trough area, under the skin, to restore volume, smooth out the area and the dark circles.

Who is a suitable candidate for tear trough fillers?

Dermal filler in the tear trough or orbital region can help with the following concerns: 

+ Under eye hollowing (sunken eyes)

+ Dark circles 

+ Smoothing fine lines & wrinkles under the eye area


In some cases such as severe under eye bags, excess skin sagging & laxity and under eye swelling tear trough treatment with dermal fillers is contraindicated and a surgical referral may be made.

What does the treatment involve?

Dermal fillers are a short non-surgical procedure which may take up to 60 minutes, administered through injection by a trained medical professional. There may be some minor discomfort during the administration of dermal fillers, discomfort varies from one individual to another, depending on the product being used and the area being treated. We have a number of options for numbing or other agents to help with any discomfort.

Downtime and Post Treatment


The post-procedure experience is different for everyone, swelling and bruising is common for most when getting dermal fillers. Some individuals swell and bruise more than others. Lumps and bumps can also be common, these lumps will often soften out over time, so don’t be alarmed if you experience this. 


Allow up to 14 days post-treatment for your dermal filler treatment to settle.

We recommend a complimentary review appointment 2 weeks post-treatment. 



+ Exercise or excessive sweating (saunas, steam rooms etc.) for 24-48 hours.

+ Wearing make-up for 24hours.

+ Direct UV exposure.

+ Consuming alcohol in the first 24 hours (to avoid thinning the blood).

+ Do not use AHAs, BHAs, Retinol, or Vitamin C for 24 hours.

+ No facial treatments for 2 weeks post-treatment (for example facials, waxing, laser).


All products used at FAB Inc are TGA approved and our team is trained and experienced in their use.


Please note* the cost of medical aesthetic treatments are dependent on the individual, taking a number of factors into consideration. Below pricing is a guide only.


Tear Trough Fillers | from $650 

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