Jawline Filler

Jawline Fillers Perth

Enhance your jawline with dermal fillers

Jawline filler has become one of our most requested treatments here at FAB Inc. Create a more defined lower face with long lasting dermal fillers.

The Facts

Length of Treatment: 60 minutes
Longevity: product dependent (up to 18 months)
Price: $450 per ml | $650 per ml | $850 per 1.5 ml

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are dermal fillers used in the jawline?

Dermal fillers are used to add volume creating shape, definition and a natural contour to the jawline. Jawline filler can be important to create balance in the lower third of the face, used to correct or create a weak jawline; genetic or may have appeared due to ageing.

How much will I need?

The amount of dermal filler required can vary from person to person, as every face is different. Many patients achieve their desired look with 2ml and some patients require up to 8ml to build their desired result.


A full quote will be provided on consultation.  

What is the difference between jawline filler for men and women?

For men, there is a focus on enhancing the masculine bone structure, creating defined angles and lines to sculpt a strong, chiselled jawline.

For women, a focus on enhancing a delicate but firm jaw to restore a youthful balance to the lower face, with a contoured look.


Allow up to 7 days for bruising and swelling

+ No exercise for 24 hours post treatment

+ No excessive sweating (saunas / steam) for 24 hours post treatment

+ No make-up application for 4 hours post treatment

Pricing & Packages

Product options for jawline fillers:

$450 per ml

$650 per ml

$850 per 1.5ml


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