Clinic Terms

Consultations with our Registered Nurses

Consultations with our registered nurses are vital for all injectable, advanced dermal, laser & light and body sculpting treatments.

Our highly skilled nurses will discuss your ideal results, current concerns and conduct a clinical assessment before establishing a treatment plan.

Consultations with our Registered Nurses are complimentary.



Follow-up or “Touch-up’ Treatment Policy

Face and Body Inc is a Cosmetic Clinic performing injectable and laser treatments by highly trained medical professionals, all of our injectors are Registered Nurses. Our treatments are customised accordingly for each individual patient taking into account clinical assessment and budgetary restraints. Individual results may vary as the human body does not always behave predictably.


Wrinkle Relaxers

We offer a complimentary follow up appointment for review two weeks post your initial wrinkle relaxer treatment. If the patient requires, we can treat up to 10 units complimentary. We offer this follow up review with the complimentary 10 units, once for each patient, upon following treatments you are advised on increasing your dose and patients will be required to pay upon returning for additional top up appointments.



Clinic Terms

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