ClearLift is the lunch time laser facelift that helps:

+ Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
+ Promotes the reduction of melasma and other pigment lesions
+ Lift and tighten the skin on the face, neck, décolleté and hands
+ Create a more youthful appearance

The Facts

Number of Treatments Required: 3 – 6 treatments
Spacing Between Treatments: 4 weeks apart
Length of Each Treatment: 1 hour

Price: from $250

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ClearLift treatment?

ClearLift Laser Facelift is an innovative treatment that takes years off of your face in just minutes, often referred to as the ‘Lunchtime Facelift’ the treatment is highly controlled with no pain and no downtime, but still providing similar results to chemical peeling and laser resurfacing.

ClearLift is becoming an increasingly popular facial rejuvenation treatment, people love the results of the ClearLift seeing benefits with skin tightening, reduction of pigment and fine lines, in one combined treatment, they report feeling more confident about their skin with others commenting on how well they look (your secret is safe with us!)

How does it work?

ClearLift emits short, yet extremely powerful bursts of light which reach underneath the skin’s surface and create microscopic holes under the skin; stimulating collagen and breaking apart unwanted pigmentation.

The unique characteristic of ClearLift is the fractional pattern which bypasses the outer layer leaving the surface intact.

By avoiding damage to the skin’s outer layer, treatment becomes virtually painless, results are quicker and there’s absolutely no downtime.


Virtually no downtime

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