AQUAGOLD® fine touch™

aqua gold facial

Get The Airbrushed Look With The AquaGold Touch Facial

Aqua Gold Touch is a device with 24-karat gold micro-needles that contain channels, which when gently stamped onto the skin, allow the customised solution to flow to the dermal layer for optimum results.

The AquaGold Touch Facial is a tailored cocktail of anti-ageing ingredients such as:

+ Wrinkle Relaxer
+ Dermal Filler
+ Personalised mesotherapy solutions

What areas can this treatment be used on?

+ Full face
+ Neck
+ Décolletage
+ Hands

What concerns can it treat?

+ Improves skin tone and texture
+ Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
+ Skin tightening
+ Minimising pores
+ Reduces facial redness
+ Acne scarring
+ Gives the airbrush look to the skin

The Facts

Length of Treatment: 45 mins
Introductory Price: From $550
Things to avoid after treatment:
+ Exercise or excessive sweating (saunas, steam rooms etc) for 24-48 hours.
+ Wearing make-up for 24hours.
+ Direct UV exposure.

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